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Spicy Cider

Have you ever made spicy cider? I found this recipe on the Wellness Mama blog and love it. I love it because it's an easy way to get garlic, onion, ginger, and apple cider vinegar in my babies! Plus, I love that it is incredibly easy to make! 


  • 1 head of garlic

  • 1 medium yellow onion

  • 3 inches fresh ginger root

  • Apple cider vinegar


  • Chop garlic and onion into small pieces.

  • Peel and chop ginger.

  • Place garlic, onion and ginger into a jar, and pour apple cider vinegar over them until they are covered. Place a lid tightly onto the jar.

  • Sit on the counter in a warm place for 2-3 weeks.

  • Once it's done 'brewing' add equal parts honey.

  • Store in the refrigerator-- take 1 teaspoon a day.

I give my kids 1/2-1 teaspoon a day. 

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