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My Favorite Things

I love learning about my friends favorite things.. safe soaps, healthy cooking tools, workout clothes... Here are few of my favorite things...

General Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely and entirely my own.  I do not claim to be, nor make an effort to be, an expert on a certain topic, product, or service.  I will only endorse companies, products, or services that I believe, based on my own experiences, are worthy of endorsement.  All product or service claims should be verified with the manufacturer or provider. As the owner of this blog, I may accept forms of cash advertisement or sponsorship. I will and do accept and keep free products and services and other forms of compensation from companies and organizations. The compensation received will never influence the content on my blog. Homemaker Central is a part of the Amazon Associates Program and may receive compensation for products reviewed. I am not, nor do I claim to be a medical professional and my product reviews are my own opinion. Always consult a medical professional before adding new items to your diet. 

Who doesn't love non-toxic soap! Free of parabans, triclosan, mea, dea, formaldehyde and phthalates (which is especially harmful on pre-puberty boy's reproduction systems, FYI if you have little boys in the house).

This is my favorite wallet. I love that I can put it in my purse, throw it in my diaper bag, or wear it on my wrist for a night out. I also love that is has a pouch for my iPhone, which if you're like me it can easily be misplaced! 

There are so many health benefits to elderberries! I use these to make my elderberry syrup. If you haven't made it yet, you should!

Always do your own research and consult a medical professional before adding something new into  your diet! For more information on the health benefits of elderberries check out this article from the University of Maryland Medical Center

Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap
Kate Spade iPhone Wristlet Wallet
Lodge Cast Iron Skillet
Frontier Elderberries Whole
Camelbak Eddy - Glass Water Bottle

I always seem to drink more water during the day when I am carrying around a water bottle, especially one with a straw. I decided a long time ago to ditch the plastic water bottles and all the gross chemicals that come a long with them. I was so happy when I found that Cambelbak made a glass bottle alternative!

Amazon Echo

Music, news, timer, measurement conversions -- I love that all I have to do is ask Alexa and she finds the anwer for me! All hands free and no typing! 

Also my little kids love interacting with Alexa asking her to tell jokes and play their favorite Disney songs.

American Health Probiotics

This is my favorite daily probiotic. I love that it has 20 billion organisms, and that the taste is not horrible, even my four year old doesn't mind it. We like the blueberry flavor the best. 

Always do your own research and consult a medical professional before adding something new into  your diet! For more information on the health benefits of probiotics check out this article from the Univerity of Harvard Medical School

Reebok Sprint Crossfit Shoes

I have been doing Crossfit for 3 years now, and love it! Part of training is making sure you have the right equipment for the activity. These Reebok Crossfit shoes have been great. They are great for weight training since they have flat bottoms and are flexible for short runs. Not to mention they look great!

Yogi Tea

Did you know most teas contain high amounts of pesticides, artificial flavors, and GMOs? Also, that the tea bags themselves can leak harmful chemicals into your tea. YUCK! I love Yogi brand, not only is it a pure choice, but they are delicious too. I like to use the blueberry green tea flavor for my homemade kombucha. 

Cast iron is a great chemical free alternative pan to cook with. It also adds a little iron in your food, and if you're often low on iron like me, that is a good thing! Great for cooking in the kitchen or taking on a camping trip!

Lodge makes great cast iron skillets and dutch ovens, and I have both!

Vinylux Weekly Polish

This is the only nail polish I have found that actually stays on my nails for a week or longer and doesn't damage them. The pink is my favorite! 

The top coat is a must to help seal the the color and give it a glossy finish. 

New Product Reviews Added Monthly, Check back!
Foam Roller

This thing is a total life saver for me! Crossfit and running can take a toll on my muscles and leave me feeling sore. Rolling has become part of my workout routine, and I believe it has helped my body recover more quickly.

Apple Watch

Out of all my favorite things, this is my favorite thing right now! This was a surprise gift from my hubby. With two crazy little people to chase around everyday it is easy for me to set my phone down and leave it there for hours without checking it-- or remembering where I put it. I was missing a lot of calls and texts. This makes it so I do not have to have my phone glued to me and I still receive all my texts and calls. I also love the pedometer, heart rate monitor and workout app on it!

Tom's Toothpaste is a great alternative for kids. They pride themselves on not using any artificial coloring, flavors, fragrances, or preservatives. My kids loves the toothpaste and the they have a wide variety of flavors. They also provide both fluoride and non-fluoride options.

Tom's Children's Toothpaste
Snapware Glass Containers

Just as I did away with the plastic water bottles I also did away with the plastic food containers. Plastic easily breaks down from heat, whether from microwaving, cleaning in the dishwasher, or the food being hot-- and those chemicals leak into our food. These containers are hefty, and hold up well!

Reusable Food Pouches

 These pouches make feeding my babes on the go easy and a lot cheaper than store bought squeezies. When they were babies and eating purees they worked great, and now I can fill them with yogurt or oatmeal for a healthy snack or a fruit puree with some hidden veggies. I love that they are easy to wash out and reuse.

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