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Home Workout #2

I love running, especially in the summer and fall when it's beautiful outside. If there's a chance for me to sneak out and go for a run, I am pretty much always going to take it. For me it's a great time to pray, listen to music, organize my thoughts and clear my mind without any interruptions. However, now that I have tasted the CrossFit koolaid, I find myself wanting a little more after a run... So this was my workout for today!


50 sit-ups

10 push-ups

50 flutter kicks

10 push-ups

Today I ran 4 miles, but that's not how many you have to run! Maybe you can run more, or maybe less? Maybe you're a walker!? I just like to get my legs moving. Push yourself a little bit, but embrace where ever you are on your fittness journey. Be smart, listen to your body, and have fun, friends!

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