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Home Workout #1

This is my favorite and most frequent at home workout, because it's quick, easily done during my kids nap or while my favorite show is on, and I can do it at HOME!

100 air squats

50 lunges

50 backward lunges

100 flutter kicks

50 dips

50 push-ups

You can do this workout one movement at a time or you can break it down into rounds however you want. The more rounds you do the less fatigued your muscles will be and you will prob take less breaks.

10 rounds of..

10 air squats

5 lunges

5 backward lunges

10 flutter kicks

5 dips

5 push ups

5 Rounds of... (This is my favorite break down)

20 air squats

10 lunges

10 backward lunges

20 flutter kicks

10 dips

10 push-ups

If you want to push yourself and make it a little more challenging you can always add weight. Hold dumbells, a kettle bell, or any type of weight while you squat and lunge.

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