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Apple Cider Vinegar

Have you heard all the hype about apple cider vinegar? The kind with the gross looking "mother" in it? I mean, it's basically a cure all, right?

Well, maybe not exactly a cure all, but I do drink it daily, and make my daughter drink it often-- she actually really doesn't mind it and has been drinking it since she was two. Even my husband has seemed to jump on the band wagon!

Apple cider vinegar THE FACTS...  on the label of the bottle... it says it could neutralize our body's pH balance so it makes it hard for a virus to live, and it also kills off the yeast we may have in our body that can be feeding an infection. It could* help lower blood sugar, could* lower cholesterol, could* eliminate indigestion --I can speak for this one. When I was pregnant with my son I always had indigestion. I am not typically one for prescriptions, especially when pregnant, so I explored some natural options. Apple cider vinegar worked like a charm, and quickly---ALWAYS check with your doctor before introducing something new like this into your diet ESPECIALLY when pregnant.--- My midwife gave me the thumbs up on this, but your's may not-- It could also soothe a sore throat, and clear a stuffy nose... the list goes on!

I am not saying that if you take apple cider vinegar everyday you will never get sick again or that it will cure your disease, these are just some of the facts listed on the label, and my own personal experience with it. 

I take 1 tablespoon diluted in a cup of water and my daughter takes 1 teaspoon diluted in a cup of water daily. When we are sick we take those same amounts 2-3 times a day until symptoms subside.

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